Irish golf clubs

Ever since the Northern Ireland Good Friday agreement back in 1998, Ireland has done wonders to rebuild its reputation as being one of the worlds greenest and most pleasant land. Since this agreement and the end of the battle between protestants and Catholics Ireland has once again become a safe haven for people to visit for family holidays, the years of war often blighted what was truly there all along. The people of Ireland are some of the most hospitable and friendly that you can hope to find anywhere in the civilised world.

Dublin which is the capitol of Southern Ireland is visited by tourists from all over the world each year, it is a fine city and there is plenty to see and do here. It is also not that suprising that many golfers travel to Ireland each year to experience their wonderful golf courses. In 2006 Ireland played host to the Ryder Cup, within the area of Dublin there are some fine golf courses, in fact Dublin itself is very popular with the golfing community, and the courses which are on offer to play have increased over the last few years. The East of Ireland especially has seen development of golf courses. Some of the favourites in the Dublin area are Woodbrook, The Island and Royal Dublin golf courses. The K Club was host to the Ryder Club in 2006 and is a very popular choice with golfers of all abilities. The other reason it is so popular is because it is near to the heart of Dublin where there are plenty of nightclubs, bars and restaurants near by.

There are also golf courses which are near to Belfast which is situated in Northern Ireland. Most of the golf clubs ([3053])offer golf accessories (Golf Zubehör), so if you are missing any kit, it can be bought whilst you are holidaying.